Qantas Aviation History

“Seriously amazing footage …a must have”

-Nick Broughall, Gizmodo

“A very special piece of aviation history”

-Michael Schindler, FlightStory


The true story behind the first 90 years of The Flying Kangaroo.


Made with unprecedented access to their archives and  digitally restored footage it is a journey through the beginnings and the golden age of aviation set against the backdrop of a growing and evolving Australia.

From it’s small beginnings in outback Queensland the story is told through the six planes that marked the turning points both in aviation history.

The Avro 504k was the first plane bought by Qantas in 1921.

The Short C, Empire Flying Boats brought international air travel and air mail to Australia in the late 1930’s.

The Lockheed Constellation “Connie” set the standard for post war airliners.

The Boeing 707 introduced the world to jet travel in the 1960’s.

The 747 Jumbo-Jet opened up international air travel to the masses in the 70’s and 80’s.

The Airbus A380, the biggest airliner of all.

Through the story of these six planes unfolds the history of one of the world’s best known airlines and the spirit of the nation behind it.